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Gorman Group History

Closing in on 100 years of business!

Albert and Walter Gorman founded their business in 1916, just a few years prior to the Great Depression. This was a difficult time in the United States, which saw the failure of many businesses. It was also a time, which forged the invaluable and simple philosophy, which guides The Gorman Group Today: honest, professional, and reliable work is good business. From a small shop and office on Glenn Avenue in North Troy, NY, The Gorman Group has evolved into a multi-faceted company. Now, we not only apply asphalt aggregate mixes, we continue to pioneer new pavement technologies and green processes. After three generations and closing in on 100 years of growth, The Gorman Group provides the highest quality products and services to over 750 municipalities throughout New York, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic states.

The Original Gorman Brothers (North Troy, NY)

In 1916, Albert and Walter Gorman founded their business on 45 Glen Avenue in North Troy, NY. Consisting of an office and small two-bay shop, The Gorman Brothers established a solid customer base in the Capital Region and made it their goal to provide quality workmanship. In the early days, Gorman loaded emulsions through the Mobile Oil Terminal in the Port of Albany, NY. In a strategic move, Gorman sold their North Troy facilities and purchased a small building in the Port of Albany (originally used as a guard shack in WWII). Over the years a large maintenance facility was built and the office was expanded to meet the growing business needs.


    Sealing Main Street, Mechanicville, NY Circa 1927

    Original overhead tanks at Gorman Bros. Port of Albany Facility

Gorman Bros Inc. (Port of Albany)

After moving headquarters from Glen Avenue in Troy, The Gorman Group began expanding operations out of their Port of Albany facility. Within a short period of time, Gorman purchased tanks from Mobile to house their own material to fill their vehicles. Today, the Port of Albany facility is the corporate headquarters for the Gorman Group.

The Cady Company

The Cady Company was founded in the early 1930's with its original location on Guy Park Avenue in Downtown Amsterdam, NY. In the mid 1940's, The Cady Company moved its location to 397 West Main Street, also in the city of Amsterdam. The Gorman Group purchased The Cady Company (in partnership) in 1963 with an attempt to grow their operation westward across the state of NY. In the 1980's, Gorman bought the Cady Company outright and with the need for expansion, moved its operation to State Route 161 in the Town of Florida (roughly 4 miles south of its original home). This property is still used today for Gorman's AVG Maintenance facility and the Amsterdam Operations facility.


    Cady Company Location in west side of Amsterdam, NY

    Gorman Clinton Division (Formerly American Asphalt Distributors)
  American Asphalt Distributors

American Asphalt Distributors located in Clinton, NY was founded in 1965 with their main focus being Cold Mix Paving and Chip Sealing. On December 30th, 1986, the Gorman Group purchased American Asphalt. In the spring of 1987 Gorman began operations with a focus on Oneida, Madison, Chenango, and Lewis Counties.

Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions

On the grounds of an abandoned Shell Oil Company facility, The Cady Company erected an asphalt emulsion storage facility in the mid 1960's, originally called Mo Valley Asphalt. Utilizing tanks salvaged from the Navy Depot nearby, Mo Valley Asphalt became a centralized facility for The Gorman Group to house their emulsions. In the early 1970's, the process of constructing a manufacturing facility began and opened for business in 1975. Today, Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions offers upwards of 30 different emulsion types to serve its construction business, as well as materials for outside sales. The site currently has 38 tanks storing various liquid products to aid in emulsion manufacturing and storage, as well as a fully integrated lab and manufacturing mill.


    Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions (Circa early 1970's)

    Port of Rensselaer Terminal (Circa 1998)

Port of Rensselaer Terminal

In 1998 The Gorman Group purchased the former Shell Oil Terminal in the Port of Rensselaer, along the Hudson River. In a strategic move to integrate supply channels, Gorman made a decision to purchase liquid asphalt directly from East Coast refiners with the ability to receive product via barge or ship. In the last 15 years the terminal facility has expanded its storage capacity to over 500,000 barrels and constructed a state-of-the-art polymer blending system. In 2008, a large rail siding facility was built to receive product from the Midwest and Canada. Currently, Gorman Terminals is the largest deep-water asphalt terminal on the East Coast.


Total Process Reliability (TPR)

In 2009, The Gorman Group embarked on a journey to become "Best In Class" by implementing the Total Process Reliability (TPR) program. TPR is a method to improve uptime and reliability by involving all employees to better care for their equipment. The TPR philosophy differs from traditional maintenance, in that traditional maintenance generally places the burden of maintenance on the maintenance department. The TPR philosophy instead approaches equipment care differently by having the operator perform daily maintenance to their equipment using operator care or CLAIRE (Cleaning, Lubricating, Adjusting, Inspecting, Minor repair and Eliminating recurring problems). Gorman has continued to refine the TPR program and has adapted key philosophies to all departments within the company from Maintenance to Operations, to Accounting and IT.



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