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Inustry Articles Posted - 2014

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PA DOT Microsurfaceing Final Report   By Quality Engineering Solutions, Inc.
Pavement Preventative Maintenance Program   By Larry Galehouse, PE, LS - AASHTO Innovative Highway Technologies
Roads & Bridges Something Close By   By Scott Shuler, P.E., Ph.D.
Roads & Bridges Break Is Over   By Roads & Bridges
Chip Seals/ Seal Coats/ Bituminous Surface Treatments   By Pavement Preservation
Cold In-Place Asphalt Recycling   By Pavement Preservation - Kimberly Jonston
Cold In-Place Recycling In NYS   By New York State DOT
Crack Management   By Tom Kuennen
Fog Seals   By Pavement Preservation
Evaluation of FiberMat(R) Type B   By Texas Transportation Institute
Evaluation Study of FiberMat(R) Type B   By Pennsylvania Transportation Institute
3 Quantified Reasons for CIR   By ARRAS Sohila Bemanian, P.E.
Asphalt   By How Stuff Works
Maintaining The Road   By Cheryl Jones
Principles of Pavement Preservation   By Larry Galehouse, James Moulthrop and R. Gary Hicks
Prioritizing Prevention Practices   By Daniel Brown - Better Roads
Ready To Roll With Funding   By Greg Udelhofen - Asphalt Contractor
Soil Design   By ARRA
Soil Intro   By ARRA
Soil Process   By ARRA
Comparison of CIR with Mill and Fill and 2 Course HMA Overlay   By Stephen Cross, Ph.D., P.E.
The Importance of Preserving Pavements   By Dwight Walker, P.E. - Asphalt
Chip Seals   By Jack Van Kirk - Basic Resources Inc.
Preservation Treatments Are Environmentally Sustainable   By Jim Chehovits, P.E. and Larry Galehouse, P.E.
Pavement Preservation   By LADA
Better Roads Pavement Preservation Philosophy   By Tom Kuennen, Better Roads
Best Practices for Crack Treatments for Asphalt Pavements   By National Cooperative Highway Research Program

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