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Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions

6 Freeman's Bridge Road, Scotia, NY 12302

Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions, a division of The Gorman Group, began producing emulsions in 1975, providing product for various New England States to include: NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, ME, & PA. Since that time, the plant has grown with the construction division of Gorman, to a total storage capacity of 2.9 Million Gallons. The Emulsion facility has the ability to produce a wide variety of customized emulsions from cationic to anionic.

 Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions (view from Mohawk River in Scotia, NY)

Mohawk Asphalt Facility

The facility, which houses the lab and manufacturing operation, is located at 6 Freemans Bridge Road, Scotia, NY. It sits on the bank of the Mohawk River, granting access to product deliveries by water. The site has 38 tanks storing various liquid products to aid in emulsion manufacturing and storage.

Asphalt Emulsion Mill

The emulsion manufacturing mill is a high shear colloid style mill, powered by a 125 HP electric motor capable of producing 10,000 gal/hour of Asphalt Emulsion. The mill has the capability of producing standard, as well as specialty-polymerized products with its highly accurate computerized blending system.


    Diagram of Mohawk Asphalt Manufacturing Plant

    Fully Integrated Lab


A fully integrated lab and technical staff, capable of testing all liquid products as well as soil evaluations in developing mix designs for road construction projects, can be found here. The lab technicians formulate mix designs for various applications to include initial site investigations and field sampling, to develop final mix design.  Some typical applications are: Micro surfacing, Cold-In-Place Recycling, Full Depth Reclamation, Cold Mix Paving, and Chip Sealing.

Mohawk Asphalt is currently capable of producing 30 plus customized emulsions as determined by our fully integrated lab, to meet the design requirements of the project. Between our field and lab technicians we are constantly formulating new products to stay on the cutting edge of design and performance.

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