Economical & efficient surface treatment adding 5-8 years of life to the existing road and prevents water intrusion

Chip Sealing

A Chip Seal (surface treatment) is a thin preventive maintenance overlay consisting of a heavy spray application of asphalt emulsion followed by a single layer of clean, uniform sized crushed stone. The surface treatment will seal the pavement from intrusion of water and reduce oxidation and weathering of the surface. Pavement skid resistance is also improved with a Chip Seal surface treatment.



Candidate Selection

A Chip Seal Surface Treatment is commonly applied to roadways with low severity cracking, raveling, or rutting. With a pre-existing pavement in good condition, a Chip Seal Surface treatment will renew the old pavement surface and prevent water intrusion.



Chip Sealed roadways will correct raveling and oxidation issues of existing pavements, extending the life 5 to 8 years. Chip Seals can be applied in single or multiple applications depending on the intended service life of the process. A multiple application can greatly extend the service life over a single application and reduce stone loss over time.

"Chip Seals may be the most cost effective method available for extending the service life of asphalt concrete pavements" - Asphalt Institute




  • Very economical
  • Seals and renews old pavement surfaces and prevents water intrusion
  • Provides a highly skid resistant surface
  • Very widely used proven treatment
  • Can be constructed one lane at a time
  • Rapid return to normal traffic operation
  • Minimal change to pavement elevation


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