An extra durable, economical, energy efficient, low emission treatment for roads in fair to poor condition

Cold Mix Paving

Cold Mix Paving utilizes a mixture of aggregates and emulsion that can be blended and placed in one continuous operation with Gorman's specialized equipment, or blended at a customer's facility using a pugmill then placed by conventional paving equipment.



Candidate Selection

Cold mix paving is a cost-effective solution commonly suited for town and county roads and excels, but is not limited to, roads where sub-base conditions are marginal.

Gorman offers two mix designs for base courses: an open graded base or dense graded binder (typically applied at 3+ inches on existing roads with fatigue problems or new construction).

Gorman also offers two mix designs for top courses as well. Open and dense graded options, typically 1 ½” compacted to be applied over previously mentioned bases courses or existing road surfaces with limited structure and/or cross section problems. If using only a top course Truing and Leveling (T&L) maybe be required.



Cold (Ambient temperature) mixes are very economical and are more flexible than hot mix (HMA) – yet have comparable structural strength. Cold mixes also conserve energy because the aggregates do not have to be heated and dried as in HMA, and are therefore more environmentally friendly. 




  • User-friendly application
  • Can be mixed on sight
  • Not dependent on plant availability
  • Cost effective
  • High strength and flexibility
  • Resists rutting
  • Higher yields per ton
  • Open graded or dense mix


Process Video

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