Green treatment that uses high quality rubberized materials made from recycled tire rubber

Crack Sealing

Crack and Joint Sealing is a preventative maintenance treatment that increases pavement life at a minimal cost by keeping water out of the pavement structure.



Candidate Selection

A road that will benefit from Crack and Joint Sealing is typically in good structural condition but exhibits single, well-defined cracks. A roadway that shows signs of raveling, multiple alligator cracking, or greater structural inefficiencies may require a surface treatment.



Gorman's Crack & Joint Sealing process is a very economical method to catch early signs of road deterioration. The use of recycled tire rubber material is not only good for the environment but also allows for a cheaper and more durable approach to maintaining roadways. This material helps reduce secondary cracking, pothole formation, and frost heaves (all a result of water intrusion)




  • Very Economical
  • Prevents water intrusion and structural failure of roadway
  • Prevents frost heaves
  • Prevents incompressible material from filling cracks
  • Reduces formation of secondary cracking
  • Reduces rutting
  • Prevents pothole formation


Process Video