Highly effective crack inhibiting fiber-reinforced surface treatment


FiberMat® is the ideal stress absorbing membrane inter layer. The FiberMat® process utilizes a specially developed patented machine which chops fiberglass strands in-place and sandwiches them between two layers of polymer modified asphalt emulsion prior to the application of a light dressing of 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” aggregate, which is then rolled into the surface. This mixture acts as a highly resilient waterproof membrane that effectively bridges alligator pavements and also delays reflective cracking.



Candidate Selection

The FiberMat® process is broken down into two different applications (both ideal for heavily stressed roads with substantial crack defects). Both Type A and Type B applications allow for greatly increased flexibility. The applications can also absorb movements in poor pavement surface structure and prevent the pavement from cracking further. Where a permanent lateral movement of the over-layer may occur (due to cracks in the underlying material) the FiberMat® process reduces the magnitude of resulting strain in the overlay. FiberMat acts like a cushion; its thickness absorbs stresses, thereby acting as a true stress absorbing membrane.



Type A: Fiber-reinforced stress absorbing surface course

As a surface treatment, FiberMat® Type A is superior to other surface treatments.  Adhesion problems are eliminated and the seal produced has greater tensile strength resisting stresses placed upon it. Type A is fast to apply and can be opened to traffic within 15 minutes, regardless of temperature or humidity.

Type B: Fiber-reinforced stress absorbing membrane inter layer (SAMI)

FiberMat Type B used as a Stress Absorbing Membrane Inter layer (SAMI) is superior to other treatments as there are no adhesion problems and the membrane cannot gather or tear because it is sprayed on.  It is faster to apply and can be opened to traffic within the initial lay-down and the overlaying of the final wearing course; the latter may even be applied at a later date.




  • Sufficient tensile strength
  • Much improved flexibility, absorbing movements in pavement
  • Superior to other Stress Absorbing Membrane Inter layers (SAMI’s)
  • Stretches maintenance dollars by delaying cracking
  • No adhesion problems
  • Quickly applied – Open to traffic within 15 minutes


Process Video

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