A light application of diluted emulsion delaying the need for more expensive pavement preservation treatments

Fog Sealing

A Fog Seal is an inexpensive, cost effective pavement preservation treatment that slows the deterioration of pavement surfaces caused by environmental factors such as sunlight and thermal variations.



Candidate Selection

A Fog Seal application is ideal for roads where oxidized pavement and low to moderate severity raveling exist. A Fog seal will also help expand the longevity of a road with minor cracking issues.

This process is also common to seal a road that has recently been recycled, chip sealed, or paved with cold mix material.



A Fog Seal is not a permanent solution to roads suffering structural integrity, only a quick solution to prolong the inevitable. However, a Fog Sealed surface will add aesthetics, alleviate raveling and seal minor cracks.

Fog sealing over another process such as Chip Seal, CIPR, or Cold Mix Paving will help maintain stone counts over time and prevent water and other environmental sources from entering the resurfaced roadway.




  • Inexpensive
  • Can treat entire pavement surface
  • Quickly applied
  • Rapid return to normal traffic operation