An ultra-thin layer of gap-graded hot mix asphalt paved simultaneously with a polymer modified asphalt emulsion

Paver Placed Surface Treatment

Paver Placed Surface Treatment (PPST) seals existing road surfaces and provides a new skid resistant wearing course. The application involves a self-priming paver, which applies an emulsion bond coat directly in front of the paving screed where an ultra-thin overlay of hot mix asphalt is placed.



Candidate Selection

PPST is an effective preventative maintenance process where roadways exhibit low severity cracking, raveling, and/or medium severity rutting.

There are 3 different types of PPST application (Type A, Type B, and Type C)

Type A: 1/4" maximum aggregate size mix
Type B: 3/8" maximum aggregate size mix
Type C: (Heavy Duty): 1/2" maximum aggregate size mix


PPST is suitable for all traffic volumes including local, urban, and interstate roadways with an expected service life of 10 years. Traffic can be turned on PPST immediately after rolling, minimizing disruption. The thin lift is able to withstand the heavy duty pounding of traffic and provides a skid resistant texture. The instant spreading of the mix (A, B, or C) over the polymer modified bond coat allows for a perfect adhesion and waterproofs the existing pavement beneath.



  • No curing time required - Open to traffic immediately after compaction (rolling)
  • Reduces "misting" on wet pavements - macro-textured yields high skid resistance
  • Minimal change in pavement elevation
  • Low surface noise
  • Suitable for all traffic volumes
  • Conserves high quality aggregates
  • Addresses oxidized and weathered pavement
  • Expected service life of 10 years


Process Video

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