Economical solutions for roadway maintenance year round

Calcium & Patch Materials

The Gorman Group sells liquid calcium and high performance patch materials to help maintain roadways during the winter months. Liquid calcium can be blended with rock salt to increase the effectiveness of ice melting, allowing for easier plowing and safe roads for travel. Also available are Cold Patch and Duro Patch materials used to quickly fill potholes and other structural road failures resulting from cold weather patterns and precipitation.


High performance patch materials

Patch Materials

The Gorman Group offers superior patch material for road maintenance.

  • Workable in subfreezing temperatures
  • Outlasts conventional patch materials by more than a year
  • Bonds equally well in both wet and dry environments


Winter Calcium (32% Dilution)

The Gorman Group offers a winter liquid calcium dilution: a safe, quick and economical solution to de-ice roadways.

  • Eliminate multiple salt applications
  • Enhance rock salt effectiveness
  • Reduce overall salt usage by more than 25%
  • Calcium wetted salt effective down to -20 degrees F
  • Reduce spreader truck maintenance costs
  • Reduce spring salt/sand cleanup Make plowing easier
  • Increase winter driving safety!


Calcium for winter road maintenance and de-icing

Summer Calcium (35% Dilution)

The Gorman Group also offers a summer liquid calcium dilution: a cost effective method to control dust and stabilize surfaces.

  • Improves road surface quality
  • Attracts moisture to keep roads damp under hot and dry conditions
  • Binds aggregate particles to make surface harder and more compact
  • Improves stability and minimizes frost damage
  • Will not crust or fragment under traffic
  • Does not become slippery or brittle when dry


Calcium and Patch Promotions
Check with your local sales representative for current promotions and pricing.

Calcium for stabilization and dust control