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Port of Rensselaer Terminal

290 Riverside Avenue, Rensselaer, NY 12144
(518) 436-1289

Constructed in 1998, Gorman's deep-water asphalt storage and distribution terminal is located on the Hudson River in the Port of Rensselaer, NY.

    Gorman Supply & Distribution Network


Products Available
Gorman supplies various neat asphalts, polymer modified asphalts, and a selection of asphalt additives.

Neat Asphalt
Polymer Modified Asphalts
64-22 P
70-22 P
Asphalt Additives
EvoTherm Warm Mix
Anti Strips
Duro Patch 115 (High Performance Patch)
Click here for Gorman Asphalt Cement SDS Sheet

Supply & Distribution
Gorman's Terminal is supplied by ship, barge, and rail, enabling Gorman to purchase product economically from domestic and international sources. The 20 million gallon facility supplies a wide variety of certified asphalt cements and asphalt additives to NY, VT, MA, NH, and CT.

   Rail spur and storage tanks

   Gorman AC storage tanks on Hudson River

   Rail siding and off-load facility

    Loading Rack
Loading Rack & Blending System
By loading directly on weigh scales with 900-gallon-per-minute asphalt pumps customers experience the quickest loading time possible. Our state of the art blending system produces on demand customized asphalt products to meet customer needs.

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